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Technical characteristics of bottled purified water equipment

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Bottled water is now settled in every household, so in recent years, sales of bottled pure water equipment has also increased significantly. That bottled pure water equipment sales also goes without saying that sales are very popular. Let's discuss it.
Bottled pure water equipment, technical characteristics:
1, bottled pure water reverse osmosis equipment at normal room temperature conditions, no phase change, we use physical methods, we could include bottled pure water equipment desalting brackish water desalination. Currently, the thin film element desalination rate
To 99.5%, but also go ?? except colloids, organics, bacteria, viruses, etc.
2, barreled pure water equipment reverse osmosis membrane desalination equipment import rate is relatively high, the service life of bottled pure water equipment is relatively long, relatively low operating costs, so we'll be late to protect profits.
3, barreled pure water equipment used in the pretreatment system is fully automated, unmanned operation;
4, barreled pure water equipment imported Grundfos booster pump, high efficiency, low noise, stable and reliable;
5, online water quality monitoring and control, real-time monitoring of water quality, protection of water quality and safety;
6, automatic power our equipment for use in control procedures, equipment but also optional touch-screen operation, so you can more easily use;
7, meet local water quality personalized design, to meet all needs.
8, it covers an area of ​​our company's equipment is relatively small, and the space required is relatively small.
9, reverse osmosis, high degree of automation, operation, maintenance and equipment maintenance workload small.
10, water treatment rely solely on water pressure as the driving force in many treatment process, the energy consumption is the lowest.
11, we will not have a lot of chemicals bottled pure water equipment and acid, alkali regeneration treatment, no chemical costs draining devices, no environmental pollution.
12, reverse osmosis water system can run continuously, the system is simple, easy to operate, quality and stability.
Bottled pure water equipment, these basic technical characteristics, we have to understand bottled pure water equipment, technical characteristics, we choose equipment when you can choose a better bottled water maker, you can shop around, choose our Chinese water processing apparatus.
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