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Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment design basis

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Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment design:

1, reverse osmosis processing equipment imported high-pressure pump is equipped with low-voltage protection switch, outlet is equipped with high-voltage protection switch. When the high pressure pump inlet low pressure switch operation, the system will send a signal to stop running. If the protection of high-pressure pump without water shortage, high-pressure pump outlet pressure exceeds the set value, high-pressure pump outlet voltage protection will automatically cut off power supply high-pressure pump, in order to protect the system is not running the case of ultra-high pressure.

        2, reverse osmosis water treatment equipment control mode is a conversion mode, the conversion of the order of 10 specific states, transition state is not jumping, when the state transition, the vast majority of equipment is a timing change occurs in running state, the conversion will stop button triggers.

        3, the above analysis results, the program is based on the state of the timing of the conversion trigger, when given time unit 0.1s, there is an input, the start time, when the timing to output coil is closed. When there is no input, the coil is disconnected. All state triggering all state maintained to the end, the last state to trigger the system, disconnect all the states.

        4, reverse osmosis water treatment equipment in the state, to determine the output of the device when the action is very important, it can make programming simple.
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